We can get you a checkride!!!

Our motto... "Learn on the Ground - Train in the Plane"



We offer the following training...

  • Private Pilot SEL / SES / MEL

  • Instrument and IPC's

  • Commercial SEL / SES / MEL


  • CFi / CFii / MEi

  • CFi Re-instatement

  • Flight Reviews

  • Time building

  • Clean-up for all the above



Our Fleet...

  • Cessna 172 Skyhawk L Model

  • Beechcraft 95


  • Inspire 2

  • Mavick Air 2


Tactical Drone Ops

We offer full scale DRONE OPs

  • Video / Still imaging

  • Tactical Overwatch

  • Fire / Rescue Support

  • Surveying

  • Reconnaissance

  • UAS systems training

  • UAS pilot training


My Story

I conduct PART 91 training only as an independent CFi CFii MEii   I'm NOT a PART 141 provider at this time nor do I accept Alien / VISA students, we are not setup or authorized for those OPs.     I primarily train out of the KEED airport since we can train and have maintenance support directly on the airfield. 

Why do I fly/teach? Simple actually, I was on the ground in the Army for many years, "walking" taking direction from a guy "flying" overhead so... you tell me, "would you rather walk or fly"...DONE!  The path was tough, long and sometimes seemingly unattainable BUT, now over 25 years later, it was exactly what I thought it would be...ENDLESS!  I learn / teach everyday, working as hard as I can to be the safest, most precise and most situationally aware instructor pilot I can be.


This year I' ve added full UAS 107 Tactical Drone Operations and UAS Pilot Training / Certification.  In coordination with local a Aerospace Imaging company and independent operators my goal is to establish full service tactical support to the forestry, law enforcement and space exploration industry.


Finally, even though I'm a veteran and this is a Veteran owned business I'm definitely NOT of the same stature as the great hero's of today both active duty and veteran status.  That said, here is a public THANK YOU to all of the above...you keep us safe and maintain our freedoms...GodSpeed!


Sky-Army Aviation LLC



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