Training / Pricing

Multi Engine Training
Multi Engine Private VFR add on $2,950 - plus checkride fee - $3,750 total cost.
Multi Engine Private or Commercial IFR add on $4,900 - plus checkride fee.
Note:  All of our MULTI training is in Needles CA (KEED). Only 70 miles south of Boulder City, we have a great place to do this kind of training.  The advantages speak for themselves,
-  minimal ground running time, not waiting on the tower to clear us
-  we train literally right above the airport, takeoff and climb right into the training box
-  instrument approaches right on the airport
-  very little traffic to conflict with if any at all
-  totally submerged training with no distractions 100% one on one or one on two max
-  checkride at the same airport, no tricks and no bait / switch